Completed phase I development and commences commercial operations at Navi Mumbai Container handling capacity at 48,000 TEUs/annum

Completed phase II expansion at Navi Mumbai. Container handling capacity increases to 1,20,000 TEUs/annum. IDFC invests Rs.26 Crores into GDL equity.

Completed phase III expansion at Navi Mumbai. Container handling capacity increases to 1,80,000 TEUs/annum.

Acquisition of ICD at Garhi Harsaru, Gurgaon, Joint venture for CFS at Vizag, Temasek (Singapore) acquires 10% equity stake in GDL, acquisition of CFS at Chennai, construction of warehouse at CFS Navi Mumbai increases capacity to 2,16,000 TEUs per annum.

GDL goes public, listed on the Stock Exchanges in India in March 2005. GDR Issue of US$ 85 Million in Dec 2005.

First container train rolls out of GDL's rail ICD at Garhi Harsaru, Gurgaon through the tie-up with CONCOR in May 2006. Rail SPV, Gateway Rail Freight Ltd. (GRFL) formed; over 60 acres of land in Faridabad District acquired for 2nd rail ICD. JV with Chakiat Agencies for subsidiary – Gateway Distriparks (Kerala) Pvt. Ltd. , to start a CFS on 17 acres of land at Cochin. Acquisition of 50.1 % in Snowman Frozen Foods Ltd to enter cold chain logistics business in JV with Mitsubishi in Nov 2006.

GRFL signs concession agreement with Indian Railways to operate container trains in Jan 2007. GDL takes over Punjab Conware's CFS near JNPT, Navi Mumbai under 15 years' Operation & Management (O&M) Agreement in Feb 2007. Gateway Rail commences rail movement of containers through own rakes.

Gateway Rail receives & deploys 8 container trains in the EXIM and domestic routes.

Rs.25 Crores Invested by IFC in Snowman Logistics Ltd. for a 20 % stake in March 2010. Rs.300 Crores invested by Blackstone in GRFL in August 2010. GDKL won the bid to set up CFS opposite Vallarpadam, Kochi in Oct 2010.