GDL's ultimate goal is to have the safest performance record in the industry in which it is judged by its peers. Safe and Professional conduct is a condition of employment with Gateway Distriparks Ltd.


The safety and health of all our employees are of prime importance to our organisation. Management holds in high regard the safety, welfare and health of its employees. It is our belief that accidents which injure persons and damage equipment cause needless human suffering, inconvenience, and expense. Efforts will be made to provide our employees with a work environment free of recognized hazards and to eliminate or control potential safety hazards.

Each Staff Member at every level of management is accountable for safe, efficient work practices and procedures. Each Staff Member is responsible for the initiation of corrective action for employees' failure to work in a safe, efficient manner. Each Staff Member is responsible to ensure that our Safety program is explained to and understood by all employees.

All employees will do everything possible and necessary to eliminate accidents.

Reducing accidents and related insurance costs and unnecessary losses will help us to be more competitive in our industry, thus helping to safeguard our jobs.

This policy, under the direction of management and guidance of our Staff Members shall be observed by all employees.


Dangerous/Hazardous Cargo are goods whose properties may cause damage to life and property and must be handled and packaged properly to avoid any harm or damage to people and the environment. This cargo's effects can be self-induced or caused by reactions with other dangerous or non-dangerous cargoes so GDL handles them with utmost care.


Fire is the most common serious hazard that one faces in any industry. While proper procedure and training can minimize the chances of an accidental fire, GDL is prepared to deal with a fire emergency should it occur.

Fire drills and Fire action plans are carried out to check that employees understand the emergency fire action plan, to ensure that staff are familiar with operation of the emergency fire action plan, to evaluate effectiveness of the plan and to identify any weakness in the evacuation strategy.


Closed Circuit Cameras with a combination of fixed and moving cameras have been installed at all crucial points like gates, Warehouses and across the perimeter to monitor all the activities by trained personnel.